Inkwell is the spot where Black Culture


A Black owned real estate company

that builds curated spaces to promote Black livelihood and organically amplify the culture

Same story, Different hood.

There is a slow but steady exodus from the familiar, yet neglected, corners of our urban neighborhoods as long-term residents leave in search of dope spaces…

…to not just live but thrive

…to not just exist but expand.

Without the creativity, care, and culture of the people, communities of color are left with decaying infrastructure and untapped opportunity.


So what are we doing about it?

We’re bringing culture… back to The Culture.

What We’re About

We develop socially-responsible spaces with a focus on integrating, not segregating, communities of color.

Our Flagship Project

We’re transforming a property in South Los Angeles into a boutique hybrid hotel with co-living spaces for the community—a symbol of Black pride, welcoming all who want to authentically experience The Culture.


Intentionally-curated floors for boutique hotel guests

Designed for young & mature Black travelers &  professionals

An integrative experience of Black culture

Designated co-living spaces for people in the community

About the mission & getting involved

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Meet The Founders —

Visionary  |  Interior Stylist  |  Change Maker

Design Builder  |  Architectural Alchemist  |  Movement-Maker

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But wait…

What if I am not black?

Black isn't only a color. It’s a culture. It’s a way of celebrating full expression. Which is why, at Inkwell, everyone is welcome. Together, we’re creating an integrated society and a more loving world.

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